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TTB COLAs & Formulas

TTB Certificate of Label Approvals (COLAs) are required to ensure that distilleries & importers comply with federal regulations when marketing and designing labels for their alcoholic beverages. TTB administer those regulations in order to prohibit the use of misleading statements on labels, to assure the use of adequate information as to the identity and quality of beverage products, and to protect against consumer deception.

Liquor Bottling - Distillery Compliance.

TTB COLAs & Formulas

A COLA is the TTB approval of your physical label of your spirits product. TTB requires that certain mandatory information appear on your beverage’s label and the COLA process confirms compliance by the issuance of an Approved TTBCOLA. We are labeling regulatory experts.

TTB Formulas and COLAs

Many importers, beverage & non beverage manufacturers (DSPs) along with dealers may not realize that an approved TTB formula may be required.


Let us review your products, formulas and labels so you can stay 100% compliant.

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