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Distillery Licensing & Compliance Made Easy

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Straight forward pricing, no hidden hourly rates.

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Building Brands Through Compliance

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Training Partner:

We are proud to partner with the Craft Beverage Compliance Academy to offer specialized training and resources tailored to the unique needs of distillers navigating compliance landscapes. This collaboration ensures our clients receive expert guidance and up-to-date educational content crucial for maintaining compliance in the ever-evolving spirits industry.

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Distillery Compliance:

Learn the essential elements of staying compliant as a TTB-regulated Distilled Spirits Plant (DSP). This training covers everything from navigating operational requirements, excise tax reporting, meticulous record keeping, managing Transfers in Bond (TIBs), securing TTB COLAs, and understanding Formulas. Gain the foundational knowledge necessary to operate within regulatory frameworks and maintain your distillery’s compliance with confidence.

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Hiring the team at Brewery & Distillery Compliance was one of the best decisions we made. They were integral in ensuring our ability to meet all of the State and Federal requirements in a timely manner. They were always ready to answer any of our questions at any time and guided us every step of the way both pre and post launch through licensing, compliance and general operations. The value of their services is undeniable. Having them on our team definitely gives us an added level of comfort and peace of mind."

 - Hadi, Flying Ace Brewery, Distillery & Restaurant

Kevin and the team at Alcohol Industry Associates(Distillery Compliance) were amazing to work with. They got my distillery approved and open for business, a task that seems impossible on your own. Any questions I had they quickly responded. The paperwork was seamless and easy. They do all the heavy lifting (or paper pushing in this case). They bring years of industry knowledge to the table. Kevin went out of his way to write a personal letter to the local town board endorsing our distillery and calming some of the town’s fears. They also helped guide us in getting label and formula approval, NABCA numbers, UPC numbers, VDACS inspection etc., and of course assistance in navigating the wild liquor laws that exist. They are a one stop shop for the alcohol industry and I cannot recommend them enough.

-Conrad, Blue Shepherd Distillery Disitllery Licensing and Compliance.jpg
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